Sony Student Design Workshop: Print Odor on Postcards

photo of gadget to print odor on a postcard

Food for thought in innovation

Zhu Jingxuan, a junior in the Fashion & Art Design Institute of Donghua University, loves gourmet food and travel, which inspired her to invent a curious device she calls a food printer.

It’s a combination of camera, smell extractor and printer. During a trip, when people enjoy delicious and distinctive local food, they can use the device to take pictures and collect the aroma simultaneously and then print them postcard-style. Posting the cards to family and friends enables them to share a good eating experience visually and aromatically.

“I spent several months designing it,” said the 20-year-old student majoring in industry design. “What I completed was just an idea and draft sketch. Without the help of Sony’s designers, I could not have made the model.”

Zhu’s food printer concept design won the “most-fun” award of the sixth Sony Student Design Workshop. The annual design contest was launched by international electronics company Sony Corp in 2006 and aims to erect a platform for Chinese university students to undertake industry design, inspire their creative potential and support China’s innovations and inventions industry.

Very cool: both the gadget and Sony’s efforts to engage young minds to shape the engineers of the future. We need to encourage those that are going to give us our gadgets in the future.

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